Show HN: I made an open-source anonymous email forwarding

Hi all, creator here. I've been working on AnonAddy (short for anonymous email address) for the past few months with the vision of creating a privacy friendly, transparent and easy to use email forwarding service. The web app is built using Laravel, Vue.js and Tailwind CSS. Source code is available on GitHub[1], also mirrored on Gitlab[2]. Hide your Email Address - Anonymous Email 3 Quick and dirty way of sending anonymous emails. No forwarding, no receiving, no aliases to choose. Test mails often need several minutes until they reach their destination. but due to the permanently changing proxy servers, there is a good chance of not being trapped by … How to Set Up International Mail Forwarding Services: 10 Steps Apr 04, 2019 MailGhost UK || Anonymous Mail Forwarding and Private UK

Address in Switzerland and mail redirection service for customer wishing to remain anonymous. Swiss mail address without any mention of the name of the customer [BLACK PLAN] No requirement of customer’s ID or passport copy.

It's easy to send and receive private anonymous mail and we will never ask you for ID. Options. Add £20 postage fare credit. Add £20 postage fare credit. Regular price £20.00 Sale price £20.00 Regular price. Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. Pay Yearly. Pay Yearly. Regular price …

Sep 06, 2019 · Forwarding mail from the post office is an easy process that only requires filling out a form. Email forwarding can be set up with just the click of a button. No matter what kind of mail you need to forward, you can easily make sure it gets to its proper destination!

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