DuckDuckGo Search Engine Gets Boost After PRISM Scandal

DuckDuckGo Sees Record Traffic After NSA PRISM Scandal. Industry DuckDuckGo Sees Record Traffic After NSA PRISM Scandal 7y Jennifer Slegg. How Search Engines are Since the Washington Post and the Guardian first publicized the NSA monitoring of user data at the beginning of June, the number of DuckDuckGo searches has risen sharply. In May 2013, just prior NSA on Securing VPNs. The NSA's Central Security Service -- that's the part that's supposed to work on defense -- has released two documents (a full and an abridged version) on securing virtual private networks. Some of it is basic, but it contains good information. Apr 01, 2020 · Every time a story comes out about Google’s data trove, “filter bubbles”, the NSA or online privacy – more and more users start to switch to DuckDuckGo. So even though DuckDuckGo has only a small slice of the search market, it has a significant share among a certain slice of the population – ie, tech-savvy individuals with money who

DuckDuckGo launched in 2008 but took almost four years to reach 1 million searches. But since PRISM, things have quickly picked up. It only took 483 days to reach 2 million searches and just eight

Jun 14, 2013 · Gabriel Weinberg, CEO and Founder of DuckDuckGo. In other words, if DuckDuckGo breaks its promises, it’s history, simple as that. The moment it loses trust, bang goes it’s biggest single advantage over Google and Bing, and that would immediately drive most of its users away. When you access DuckDuckGo (or any Web site), your Web browser automatically sends information about your computer, e.g. your User agent and IP address. Because this information could be used to link you to your searches, we do not log (store) it at all. This is a very unusual practice, but we feel it is an important step to protect your privacy. Jun 14, 2013 · In the wake of the NSA's spying revelations, a golden opportunity has arisen for lesser known web services that offer guarantees against government snooping. Admittedly, a large number of web users Jul 13, 2013 · An anonymous reader writes "With all of the news stories about users moving to DuckDuckGo because of NSA spying, this article discusses why the privacy provided by DuckDuckGo is more the privacy from third-party tracking (advertisers) but may do little, if anything, to prevent the NSA from tracking your searches."

Sure, DuckDuckGo snagged a few sparkly headlines when it nearly doubled its usual traffic “pretty much overnight” after Edward Snowden let the NSA’s PRISM spying racket out of the bag.

Jan 12, 2014 · Pretty much overnight, DuckDuckGo more than doubled its traffic. I don’t think there’s a […] DuckDuckGo’s Popularity Exploded In 2013 Following The NSA/PRISM Leaks Jun 22, 2013 · Duck Duck Go’s Post-PRISM Growth Actually Proves No One Cares About “Private” Search Look out, Google! Duck Duck Go is on the rise, posting a 50% traffic increase in just eight days. Jul 02, 2020 · Why People Should Never Ever Use DuckDuckGo. Posted in Deception, Microsoft, Search at 10:36 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz. Credit to Lemmy for the detailed yet very concise list. Summary: DuckDuckGo is another privacy abuser in disguise; the above forum thread enumerates key reasons. TThere are substantial privacy and civil liberty issues with Sep 16, 2018 · DuckDuckGo: The mistaken belief of the NSA-safe search engine* 4. Site Improvements [] *This is a machine-translated mirror of an article written in Oct 13, 2018 · DuckDuckGo's business model is the greatest advantage over Google Search. DuckDuckGo doesn’t have a filter bubble. Its search results are derived from over 400 sources, that include big search Jun 16, 2015 · Since word of the NSA’s sweeping surveillance initiatives first broke two years ago, traffic on DuckDuckGo has exploded by an astounding 600%. In the immediate aftermath of Snowden’s leaks