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Speed up Windows XP and Vista startup time Nothing is more annoying that waiting and watching your PC struggle as your operating system slowly loads. Speeding Up Windows Vista by Eliminating the Aero Vista brings up the Window Color and Appearance dialog box. If you don’t see the Window Color and Appearance dialog box, you aren’t running the Aero shell after all. It could be that your graphics card, memory, or video settings are not good enough — or it may be because you got stuck with Home Basic version of Vista. How to speed up PC startup - Wiki-Tech

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to help speed them up― without upgrading your hardware. Depending on the version of Windows running on your device, you can either use the free automated tool from Microsoft to diagnose and resolve some of the issues that slow your computer down or follow the steps detailed below to identify and fix the

How to Speed up Windows Vista Boot Time - YouTube Aug 05, 2008

One of the most tried and true ways to speed up your boot process is to keep unnecessary programs from starting up with your computer. You can do this in Windows 10 by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Esc to

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