Our IP allocation approach will be to put all employees into an IP address pool, and then allocate fixed IP addresses for the system administrator and contractors. Note that one of the prerequisites of this example is that you have a software firewall running on the OpenVPN server machine which gives you the ability to define specific firewall

Static IP addresses in OpenVPN – Marin Atanasov Nikolov The way that we assign static IP addresses for our clients in OpenVPN is done via the client-config-dir option. The client-config-dir option points to a directory with files which contain client specific configurations, like IP addresses for example. Check openvpn (8) man page for more information on the client-config-dir option. Assigning a static VPN client IP address to a user | OpenVPN You can set up a second private subnet, a different one, in the VPN Settings page in the Admin UI, in the section titled Static IP Address Network (optional). Set up a unique subnet there and the Access Server will then have a subnet it can use for static IP address assignment. See … OpenVPN: Set a static IP Address for a client | Michls

Re: OpenVPN w/BR500 and Static IP Correct in that the OpenDNS setting configured within the BR500 OpenVPN page would not help -- as that is set to the external (Internet / WAN) IP of the BR500. However, it looks like on the client side of OpenVPN -- which in my case is a Linux server -- there is a '--ipchange {command}' option, which will run a

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