Jun 22, 2017

Client-Server Network Peer-to-Peer Network; 1. In Client-Server Network, Clients and server are differentiated, Specific server and clients are present. In Peer-to-Peer Network, Clients and server are not differentiated. 2. Client-Server Network focuses on information sharing. While Peer-to-Peer Network focuses on connectivity. 3. Difference Between Peer to Peer and Client Server Network Sep 12, 2018 Understanding the differences between client/server and May 26, 2000 Client/Server Versus Peer Networks - LAN 101: Networking Sep 15, 2011

Sep 12, 2018

What is Peer-to-Peer Architecture (P2P Architecture Nov 12, 2012

Major applications based on P2P architecture File distribution; Instant messaging; Internet Telephony (VoIP) Scalability example: distributing a file of size F client-server with 1 server and N clients Want to distribute file to all clients (a software patch for instance) Total number of bits leaving server …

True: Peer to Peer network is easy and cheap to build, Client Sever network operation is managed from a central location, P2P network does not require specialist software, Client server network stores all clients' files and folders centrally on server drives, Client server network requires specialist equipment and software, In client server network if one computer fails it does not disrupt the OCR GCSE 1.4 Client server and peer to peer networks - YouTube Jun 22, 2017 Peer to Peer (P2P) vs Client Server Network (in Hindi Jan 01, 2018 What is Peer-to-Peer Architecture (P2P Architecture