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Hi - Looks like TMO have messed up OpenVPNs on port 1194 UDP, at least for me. Since 24 hours ago (I think), if I connect via a hostname, the OpenVPN client on iOS will only connect on UDP6, despite my home server not supporting IPv6. 1286239 – OpenVPN can't connect Description of problem: Nov 27 14:00:45 localhost NetworkManager[1076]: vpn-connection[0x55d8fdddc520,cc410cf5-dc66-4369-81a0-cf3d0f656dfe,"OVPN BRQ UDP",0]: VPN connection: (ConnectInteractive) reply received Nov 27 14:00:45 localhost nm-openvpn[2779]: Options error: Temporary directory (--tmp-dir) fails with '/tmp': Permission denied Nov 27 14:00:45 localhost … Can't run OpenVPN from /etc/init.d/openvpn Hi all, I have a fresh install of RHEL5 (x86) with OpenVPN 2.0.9 and its dependent liblzo2 2.02 from With SElinux disabled everything works nicely. However with SElinux enabled in enforcing targeted mode I can't run OpenVPN via /etc/init.d/openvpn: ~# /etc/init.d/openvpn start Connecting to SQL Server over OpenVPN Solutions | Experts

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A Login Credentials alatt válassza az OpenVPN-t, és az országot, amelynek szerveréhez kapcsolódni kíván Katt a Show gombra, hogy láthassa a felhasználónevét és jelszavát ( ez nem ugyanaz, mint a fiók belépési adatai) és írja le őket.

Hi, I followed the openvpn linode library article for ubuntu 10.10\. I downloaded the openvpn gui for windows, and transfered all the relevant files to my home computer (which is running window

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