Ring adds privacy dashboard to app in response to security

Privacy – What is Workspace ONE The same privacy controls extend to Workspace ONE and your work apps, regulating what your IT department can access on your device. And because it’s your device, you’re always in control. You can remove Workspace ONE and your work apps at any time, deleting all work information from your device. SanDisk Memory Zone App Privacy Notice Mar 01, 2017 Private Zone - AppLock, Video & Photo Vault App - Free Jul 30, 2019 Host Amazing Reading Programs - Reader Zone

SanDisk Memory Zone App Privacy Notice

Jun 05, 2020 Strava’s privacy zone feature has been revealing users

App - Reader Zone

Set the center point of the zone by entering an address or by clicking on the mini-map. Give your zone a name such as Home, Work, or School. The name is just for your own information. Nobody else will see these privacy zone settings. Select the size of your privacy zone from the drop down list. Click the CREATE PRIVACY ZONE button.