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Jul 13, 2014 Do IP Addresses Show History? - Hotspot Shield If someone requires additional information about a certain IP address, all they can do is contact the Internet Service Provider or network administrator and make a direct request – In most cases this will be outright denied unless it is a police investigation or a matter of national security etc. Security: what can someone do/learn with your IP address Feb 21, 2013 Can A Mobile Phone IP Address Be Traced? Mar 30, 2020

Nov 05, 2014 · My IP is dynamic .. but it doesn’t change every time i disconnect. I had the same IP for about 2 years (mind you my computer/modem/router are on 24/7 365 days a year – but I do fall offline, I have had power cuts, I even had a 4 days down time because some drunk woman drove into the exchange box 50 meters up the road and demolished it.

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The person who has said they have evidence that my and other account have same mac and ip addresses has not shown me what they have or said how they got it. They told me that myself and other user had same mac and ip addresses and that it was an iPhone that was used to send the messages over the site. To address the response you got from wimiadmin, the suggestion about limiting your DHCP to a certain # of addresses is useless. Even if the router doesn't give an address via DHCP, anyone can define a static IP that they want to use. Also, hiding your SSID is pointless as well. Wireless sniffers can see hidden SSIDs. May 11, 2015 · An IP certainly does not tell anyone your exact address, your name or those kind of things, except the ISP who has those records and can link them to browsing records if they feel they need to What I do I if someone has the same IP address? Hi the same IP never possible in same network or network segment, what ever the network in simple or routed LAN or DHCP. you have nothing to do the last user never join his pc by using the another ip which already using & actiev in same network.