Aug 12, 2009 How to Set Up a WRT54GS as a Repeater - YouTube Aug 15, 2017 How to Convert Linksys WRT54G to Be an Access Point: 14 Steps Start with a wired PC. Document your current network's IP address scheme. In this example, the …

Using Linksys WRT54G v.6 as a repeater/ range extender

Aug 29, 2012

Aug 07, 2009

WRT54GS as a repeater? - Linksys Community You can't use that router as a repeater, The only thing you can do is to cascade this router's, and have a roaming wireless network. WRT54GS configured as Repeater - Linksys Community to use a linlsys router as a repeater can not be done as per linksys ever you can get on ebay or off of ciso a linksys range extender.or you can get a linksys wrt54g router that has been flashed with dd-wrt software,which is legal.a lot of people are buying linksys routers and chaneing the linksys software allowing them more useage of the find out more you can go to or go to wiki and … 2nd WRT54G2 Setup as a Repeater to - Linksys Community What you need is a Repeater Bridge with the wireless virtual interface turned on & two separate wireless security keys. One is for the router to talk to the main router or another router. The other key is for the Virtual Access Point which is the wireless connection to your computer. I … Turn Your Old Router Into a Range Extender (WRT54G to