Jan 10, 2017

ePrivacy Regulation continues to stall, but there's hope? Jun 12, 2019 The new ePrivacy regulation - Data privacy - KPMG Ireland The regulation adopts the provisions for consent laid out in the GDPR, consent must be freely given, specified, informed and allowed to be withdrawn at any time. What’s on your radar? Know which cookies your websites are placing on end users terminals The new e-Privacy Regulation - What you need to know

ePrivacy Regulation continues to stall, but there's hope?

The Proposed EU E-Privacy Regulation - Blockchain & E According to the GDPR, you have different options for legal grounds that you can rely on in order to process personal data lawfully. And the most important one according to the GDPR is consent and the so-called legitimate interest, which means that this is a very flexible approach and that depends very much on the risk level of the certain purpose or processing of data.

EUROPE: e-Privacy Regulation – changes regarding

The ePrivacy Regulation is a lex specialis to the General Data Protection Regulation, meaning that it complements the GDPR with specific rules that apply specifically ePrivacy Regulation: What is it and how does it affect me Jun 21, 2019 ePrivacy Regulation - CMS May 08, 2020 Cookies, the GDPR, and the ePrivacy Directive - GDPR.eu