Can't find Microsoft SQL Server even if it is installed

Explaining the possible options for SQL Server installs and their interaction with VS is beyond the scope of a Stack Overflow answer let alone a comment. SSMS keys: it is installable with or without the SQL Server services; prior to 2016 it was all one installer (select different options), but in 2016 it is now a separate installer. Outlook does not support connections to Exchange by using Jul 08, 2019 Fix: Lync Couldn’t Find a Lync Server for Domain Name If you cannot sign into Lync and receive a DNS server error, take these steps to correct the issue for all Lync users. Lync couldn’t find a Lync Server for DOMAIN. There might be an issue with the Domain Name System (DNS) configuration for your domain. See …

Mar 12, 2011

Aloha POS Can't find file server - Point of sale systems Mar 26, 2008 Solved: "Can not find or start IsoView Server. Error -16 Some time ago SPR ("When Opening Isoview Files a Splash Screen with: "DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED" and Error:" Can not find or start isoview server -16" occurs on systems with stand-alone Isoview 7.0 and Arbortext Editor 5.3 M030 installed.") has been created with this issue for Arbortext IsoView 7.0 M010. And it was stated that issue was resolved

Hi All, Once again a question about jabber that cannot reach the server some how a did search on the forum for some answers and most of the time it's a dns issue. however i use the default domain name so DOMAIN.NOT.SET in the jabber on my iphone and my laptop on my iphone there is a dns address p

Internet explorer cannot find server - TechSpot Forums May 22, 2009 8 Tips to Fix Safari Cannot Find Server on iPhone – iMobie Solution 1: Check Internet Connection. Sometimes, due to your minor mistakes, you put yourself in … Windows 10 cannot see the server - Microsoft Community