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ESTABLISHMENT OF HIGH COURTS - Legal Bites In 1935, In Re National Corbon Company, Calcutta High Court issued a writ of prohibition to the Controller of Patents and Designs. The Court held that it had the power to issue the writ because it had, vide clause 4 of the Charter, inherited the powers vested in the judges of the erstwhile Supreme Court. Part 24 – Indian Legal History - Indian High courts act 1861 The Indian High Courts Act was passed by the British Parliament on the 6th August, 1861 and was titled as an act for establishing high courts of judicature in India. This legislation contained 19 sections only. Its main function was to abolish the supreme courts and the Sadar Adalats in the three Presidencies and to establish the high courts in Consumer Courts in India - LinkedIn SlideShare Mar 21, 2017

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30 rows List of High Courts In India 2020 - List of 25 High Courts There are 25 High Courts in India, three having control over more than one State. Delhi has a High Court of its own among the Union Territories. Each High Court shall consist of a Chief Justice and such other judges appointed by the President of India. List of High Courts in India - Check their Jurisdiction 23 rows List of High Courts in India {Updated 2019} - Legodesk Jan 25, 2020