There are many limitations with EC2 that make it difficult to use unless you carefully build around the EC2 architecture and don't just assume that you can move your app to EC2 flawlessly. If an instance crashes and you run it again, you'll loose data and when the instance comes back up it will have a new IP, adding another hurdle with DNS issues.

Download the .pem file.; In Amazon Dashboard choose “Instances” from the left sidebar, and then select the instance you would like to connect to. Click on “Actions“, then select “Connect“ Click on “Connect with a Standalone SSH Client“ Open up a Terminal window; Create .ssh directory # mkdir -p ~/.ssh. Move the downloaded .pem file to the .ssh directory we just created. 5 Best Amazon EC2 Courses & Tutorials [2020] Amazon EC2 Master Class (Udemy) If you are interested in building a career as an AWS … What is Amazon EC2?

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