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What Do Those Basketball Terms Mean? Turning a player (see Overplay) Defensive Basketball Terms Z. Zone defense – A defense in which players are responsible for guarding an area as opposed to a specific player. Zone defenders are responsible for any players that come into their area. Here Is A Clever Way To Counter Defenses That Overplay Breakthrough Basketball, LLC. 5001 1st Ave. SE, Ste 105 #254 Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 Phone: (866) 846-7892 Fax: (877) 745-9725 Get Started Camps Free Coaching eBooks Products

Sep 08, 2017

Sep 08, 2017 · https://www.breakthroughbasketball.co Don Kelbick teaches a great scoring move to use against aggressive defenders. It will help you get more open shots and driving lanes to the basket. He also This defense uses four defenders playing zone defense in the standard "box" set-up. Two defenders are on the low blocks, and two are up at the elbows. The fifth defender plays man-to-man defense against the star player. This defense works best against a team with a good point-guard or perimeter player. "1-3 and a chaser" Your job on basketball defense is to overplay them by adjusting your feet so you "herd" them in the direction where they have to use their weaker hand. Playing on-the-ball basketball defense is just one defensive situation you will come across in the game. You may spend a lot of time guarding a player who doesn't touch the ball much. What do This is one of the basketball plays where we catch the defense off-guard, it’s not going to work if you run it too regularly. Save it for special occasions. It’s very important that 4 is able to make the read on x3 and then deliver the correct pass to 2 or 5.

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Basketball defense man play: 22: halfcourt man-to-man To overplay the ball, X1's head is on the ball handler's top shoulder, and her stance is open (heel-toe) towards the sideline, bent-knee "nose to chest", and at arm's length. Most of her weight is on the top foot, allowing her to push off to slide towards the sideline, or to push off and drop step if … Princeton Offense Twirl Set - Basketball Coaching May 29, 2016