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Port Forwarding: How to Check Your Router for Open Ports Feb 07, 2012 IP Address of canyouseeme.org at 23 Jul 2020 02:10:07 PM Test Results for domain: canyouseeme.org Find IP Address - Results: 23 Jul 2020 02:10:07 PM. S. No.

IP Address of canyouseeme.org at 23 Jul 2020 02:10:07 PM

Ports closed when checked with canyouseeme.org - Super User Ports closed when checked with canyouseeme.org. Ask Question Asked 2 years ago. Active 2 years ago. Viewed 8k times 2. 1. I am having trouble understanding how ports work. What I tried to do: I wanted to check if a particular port was open on my laptop. The port that i chose to check was the port used by bittorrent client for incoming connections.

Hoping for some help with this one. I've got several ports forwarded, but the only one canyouseeme.org is able to access is port 3389 for remote desktop. Any other ports I have forwarded get a "connection refused" message when testing from canyouseeme.org. Any thoughts? EDIT: turned off port forwarding on 3389 since it is a risk.

[SOLVED] Port Forwarding - Connection Timed Out - Can't Apr 14, 2014 Welcome to CheckMyPort.com | Check your ports over internet Check your common ports or specific port over internet